handsWe provide Individual, Family, Couples and Group therapy options to assist with personal concerns in the following areas:

Parenting  – Parents often need support and encouragement when facing challenges in the family. Family counseling seeks to give each member a voice in creating a home that can meet everyone’s needs.

Relationships – Developing a purpose and a plan for a relationship can make a big difference in the level of satisfaction for both individuals. Couples counseling provides a practical strategy for building trust and nurturing an environment of mutual growth and fulfillment.

ADHD – Meeting the world with Attention Deficit Disorder can feel overwhelming without assistance from an experienced counselor familiar with those challenges. Through coaching and guidance we can strengthen awareness and life skills to gain a sense of control and achievement.

Grief – The feeling of loss arises in many different ways for those who must face it. Symptoms of grief may be fully present and debilitating or may be delayed and go unnoticed for years. Grief counseling helps bring attention to the impact of loss and significant change with compassion and support in search of healing and meaning.

LGBTQ – For those facing questions and conflict about gender for themselves or their family, a welcoming counselor can assist with issues from an informed and supportive perspective. 

Depression – The pain of depression can feel mysterious and hopeless without treatment. Counseling for depression focuses on how the many facets of the disease impact the lives of those who suffer and the people who love them.

Suicide – In the depths of despair thoughts of mortality may lead to dangerous choices. A counselor who is sensitive to these thoughts can help sort out the painful feelings of hopelessness in order to foster a sense of renewal and strength. 

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