Four Things Children Need To Hear In A Disaster

Everything seems bigger to a child. The world is larger, waiting takes longer, and emotions are more intense. When a natural disaster strikes, the impact it can have on a child is usually life-changing. Experiencing a natural disaster creates lasting memories for children as they move with their families through the process of preparing for …

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How Long Does It Take To Change

“It’s not working!” How many times have I heard that before? Frustrated, disillusioned and emotionally drained clients can quickly lose hope when things get worse before they get better. Over the years I’ve worked with so many families that have overcome what they originally thought were impossible challenges, I’ve learned to see the possibilities that …

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Creating A Respectable Family Brand

As a family counselor the most common complaint I hear from parents about their kids is disrespect. Bad attitudes, disobedience and talking back are among the typical behaviors that too often escalate into lying, stealing and verbal or physical aggression. Conventional wisdom seems to demand a harsh response with punishment and strict discipline to stem …

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